Sankhya vs. Advaita

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Ashish Chandra <achandra at WNMAIL.WNDEV.ATT.COM> wrote:

>So as far as what has been said, Prakriti is real but composed of the
>substrate of Purushas. But Maya is illusory and Brahma alone exists.
>this correct ?

Prakriti composed of the substrate of purushha-s?!!! Aaaaaarghhhhh

Did you read my post? Prakriti is real and COMPLETELY different from
purushhas. In theistic sA.nkhya Ishvara is one of the purushha-s. I'll
reproduce from my previous post:

A brief, simplistic version of the sA.nkhya theory of evolution is
useful. As per the sA.nkhya view, prakriti which is _completely_
distinct from purushhA and _completely_ real transforms into the
world. First the prakriti "transforms" or "expands" into mahat and
then aha.nkAra. The tamasik aha.nkAra produces the tanmAtra-s and the
sAtvik aha.nkAra produces the indriya-s. The rajasik aspect help the
other two to "move" and create the tanmAtra-s and indriya-s. Counted
all together these give the 25 tattvas. Now note that this prakriti is
completely real and sA.nkhya says there are multiple purushhas all of
whom are completely real.

For sha.nkara mAyA is not something real. When sha.nkara says that the
world is a creation of mAyA, he does not mean that there is some
"entity" called mAyA which is distinct from brahman and becomes the
world. mAyA is an illusion. It is not real. The world is a
superimposition on the substratum of brahman.

Please read the above, I think I have given an accurate description.


"bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam"
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