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Mon Feb 15 13:16:57 CST 1999

On Mon, 15 Feb 1999, Vivekananda Centre wrote:

> (1) The varifications acceptable in spiritual matters are not only
> Shruti but also Yukti and Anubhuti. Some list members are overly keen to
> fall back on Shruti and also Shruti as interpreted by Sri Shankara only.

Perhaps because this list is meant explicitly for Advaita *as taught by
Sri Shankara*?

> The examples given by Shankara of snake in the rope or 'illusion' have
> served their purpose.  The example given by Vivekananda is continuation
> of the same process but has the added capacity of taking on and relating
> to the findings of modern science (QM) hence this matter should be

That's swell, but for that there should be a separate list, "Advaita
according to Vivekananda," where such deep thoughts can be properly
presented and explored.  But believe it or not, some of us would rather
look at Shankara's outdated ideas than these, and we should be left alone.


Shrisha Rao

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