Sankhya vs. Advaita Vedanta

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Sun Feb 14 08:38:38 CST 1999

 Vivekananda Centre <vivekananda at BTINTERNET.COM> wrote:

>The following from Sri Shrisha Rao is not clear at all. Can the
>member kindly explain in simple English what is the main difference
>the idea of Prakriti and Maya? Quoting Shruti or quoting
>cannot be a good enough reason to reject the similarities that Ashish
>chandra has noted!

Please read my other post. Quoting sha.nkara is indeed enough, what to
say of shruti. After all this is a list for discussing advaita as
taught by sha.nkara and his followers.


"bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam"
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