Sankhya vs. Advaita Vedanta

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Scholars (pandits) like to make a great deal of the possible differences
between these two schools of philosophies. The only real difference is in
the final conclusions both these philosophies draw.

Samkhya perhaps can be considered to be the first rational philosophy the
world ever saw. Other schools of philosophy - specially the Yoga and Vedanta
philosophies have drawn a lot from the Samkhya of Kapila. They just made few
final adjustments in the conclusions.

The maya of Advaita and prakriti of Samkhya are interchangable.

Whenever I study Samkhya,  I get a thrill,  the findings of Samkhya are that
Kapila - this ancient sage - after acquiring perhaps the highest knowlege
known to mankind  - sat down and imparted this highest of philosophies to
his mother!
How poetic and sweet. Kapila was not bothered to rush out and impress the
masses, he decided to share this first with his mother!!

Hari Hari

Vivekananda Centre London

"bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam"
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