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On Tue, 2 Feb 1999, Harsha (Dr. Harsh K. Luthar) wrote:

> Harsha: Thank you for your clear and eloquent response. I fully agree with
> the spirit of it. But all spiritual practices are preliminary to GYAna
> (and not just those involving Kundalini Yoga). Sri Ramakrishna Paramhansa
> was of the opinion that Kundalini Shakti must be roused for spiritual
> evolution. Other Advaitin saints have emphasized Shakti practices and
> spoken of them. Perhaps even within the Advaita philosophy there is room
> for difference of opinion in practical matters involving spiritual
> practices.

Yes there is, but not to the extent that "anything goes."  For Vedanta,
the line of demarcation is that any spiritual practice must be in keeping
with the teachings of the Vedas.  For instance although many Acharyas have
spoken highly of some Tantric sadhanas, they have not hesitated to
speak out againsts things such as vamachara which are immoral or
spiritually damaging.  A ritual practice can only have effect if there is
the right samkalpa or intention behind it.  If some practices don't even
share the same goals, how can they have the same effect?

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