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Srinivas Sista wrote:

> > On Fri, 29 Jan 1999, Harsha (Dr. Harsh K. Luthar) wrote:
> >
> > > In Yoga, they say that when Shakti Joins
> > > Shiva at Sahasarara, this union results in liberation, and at death of the
> > > body the Prana exits through the Sahasarara resulting in Maha Samadhi. The
> > > exit through the Sahasarara is meant to be a sign of the final Mukti.
> For all practical purposes. But if we have to split hairs, here is the
> trajectory:
>         Those jeevas go to the Brahma loka and attain final liberation at
>         the end of the Kalpa. However, they do not return to any other lower
>         worlds. Hence they are said to have been liberated from the `round'
>         of birth and death.
> > > However, on the path of Jnana, the pranas do not exit but are absorbed into
> > > the Heart that is the Self. How do we reconcile these two seemingly
> > > divergent explanations?
> This is the absolute and unconditional liberation!
> There are no lokas, no kalpas, no ...(whatever one can come up with).
> You may want to refer to the incidents when
> 1. Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi's mother passed away

Harsha: Thanks for your reply. Yes. I am aware of that incident where the Sage put
one hand on his mother's head and the other on her heart and sat with her until her
karmas were exhausted on the subtle plane. Ramana Maharshi clearly indicated that
his mother had attained Moksha.  Prior to that Ramana Maharshi had tried something
similar with Paliniswami, one of his attendants when he was about to pass away.
That effort, according to the Maharshi was a failure as Paliniswami's eyes opened
just before he passed away leading him to a higher birth but not Moksha. I am also
familiar with the other incident that you mentioned about the Lady devotee whom the
Sage cautioned against remaining in Laya.

May I ask the source of your information regarding Prana going out the Sahasarara
versus being absorbed in the Spiritual Heart? Do you have a scholarly reference? I
have practical experience of the workings of Kundalini Shakti in various centers.
Among the Indian Sages, I have found only Ramana that described the descent of the
Shakti after reaching the Sahasarara to come down a frontal nadi (Amrita Nadi) into
the spiritual Heart resulting in Kevala Nirvikalpa Samadhi. That is my experience
also. I am not a Sanskrit scholar, and was curious if there was any reference in
the ancient  literature of that linkage between the Sahasarara and the Spiritual
Heart (not the Anahata center). Of the modern Indian sages that I am aware of, only
Ramana was explicit in that linkage indicating to me his in-depth knowledge of the
workings of Shakti as well as the ultimate experience of the Self that is the
Heart. Again, I appreciate your response.


"bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam"
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