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On Tue, 26 Jan 1999, Harsha wrote:

> Written some time ago but appropriate for this list:

Not really for the reasons I'll mention below.

> Some say that Reality is Subjective, some say it is Objective and
> some say it is both Objective and Subjective and some say it is neither.
> Some say the Final State is that of Pure Existence, some say it is Only Pure
> Non-Existence and some say It is beyond both Existence and
> Non-Existence.

No school of Vedanta least of all Advaita would claim anything other than
that reality is objective and the final state is existent.  What you're
describing is more like the syadavada of Jainism.

>No  matter how clever the terminology and how subtle the expression of the
> experience of the Self, it misses the mark.

Which doesn't make it any less useful for knowing the self.

> It is because the Self has
> no point of Reference in experience, being *It Self* the very Foundation on
> which  All experience appears to take place..

Also an Advaitin would not put the word "appears" in that sentence.
Experience does take place, however it's true nature is misunderstood.
That's quite a different thing from saying it doesn't take place.

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