Vedanta and intellect (was Re: Some Vedic sacrifices of this century)

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Tue Dec 28 16:08:10 CST 1999

Jagannathan Mahadevan <jagan at CCWF.CC.UTEXAS.EDU> wrote:

>The only thing remains therefore is to "gain" the maturity of the mind to
>offer every action of ours to the lord and there exists no duality anymore
>because you are no more the doer of actions nor the enjoyer or the
>sufferer of the fruits of the actions..

Isn't there a gap between dedicating every action to the Lord and realizing
that one is not a doer at all? The former still assumes an element of
doership, but it is a discipline that helps in the maturity of the mind.
However, that one offers one's action to the Lord does not remove the
efficacy of action in bringing its desired rewards. One may not be attached
to it, but the rewards will be there, nonetheless. The latter realization
transcends even the necessity of offering action to the Lord.

I find that this distinction is often lost sight of in many modern
discussions. Sankaracarya's gItAbhAshya remains the classic exposition on
what it means to offer nishkAmya karma to the Lord, and how it differs from
the ultimate realization.


bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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