Some Vedic sacrifices of this century

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> vegetarianism is
> definitely a big plus and all the Advaita acharyas are in favor of
> it.
  Thanks for your informative reply to my previous question.
  I have a few more questions. In fact, until this discussion, I was
aware that meat-eating was allowed for Brahmins ( except under severe
duress, ofcourse ). But, the above quote atleast shows that our
do not issue a license to indulge in sins of the flesh ( literally ).
Now, to my questions.

a) I have heard of another reason to avoid meat. It has to do with the
    three gunas.  I suppose meat falls in the tamas/rAjas category ( I
   have heard both ).  Since, a humble bhakta should cultivate sattvik
   guna, he/she would do good to avoid meat.  In fact, this argument
   is also applied to onions, garlic etc.  Orthoprax Southern Brahmins
   avoid meat, liquor, onions and garlic.  If this is indeed the case,
   then what is the "guna" of an animal that has been sacrificed in
   a havan?
b) Does ShrI BhagavatpAda discuss such issues?

-Vivek Aanand Ganesan.
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