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>I would be obliged if you can post this on the Advaita list. Please note
>that I do not have any financial interest in this venture.
>Hindus in the United States (and elsewhere) have a wonderful
>opportunity for buying complete recordings of the traditional
>recitations of the 4 Vedas in 5 Shakhas (Shakalya RV,
>Madhyandina YV, Taittiriya YV, Kauthuma Samaveda and Shaunakiya AV)in 80
>casettes of 90 minutes duration each. These recordings are done by the
>Delhi Vedic Trust. The URL of the trust is
>                        http://www.ahista.com/dvt/vedchant.html
>Dr. Krishnan, the founder of the Trust, is in the United
>States (in California) till February 2000, and he may be contacted at the
>telephone number 1-650 968 9585. Best time to call will be between 10 AM
>and 1 PM (Pacific Time).
>The English Translations of Devichand (which are rapidly becomming the
>standard English translations of these texts in India) are provided free
>for YV, AV, SV. The translations of RV (by Pt. Satyakam Vidyalankar) have
>to be purchased separately.
>The recitations of AV are done by 4 disciples of the late great
>Atharvanika Pt. Vasudevlal Ramniklak Pancholi.
>Those outside the USA can also contact Dr. Krishnan via the email
>link provided at the website of the Delhi Vedic Trust.
>Best wishes

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bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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