Some Vedic sacrifices of this century

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Fri Dec 17 17:02:27 CST 1999

Nataraj BV wrote:

> You seem to pay no attention to the pain and suffering that the animals go through.
> How does advaita treat physical pain? Is the pain and suffering that the animals go
> through also considered mithya? Does "experience" have any place at all in advaita? Or is
> it rejected completely?
> Regards
> -Nataraj

Well I am a very new member here and my knowledge of the Sanskrit terms
being used is minimal, however I will throw in my voice to this.
For us humans, pain is felt by the body (as is pleasure) we are not the
body, we are the Self.
I think Christ said, it is not what you eat with your body, but what you
eat with your mind. Obviously eating meat is not necessary, however if
it is offered by another, it seems to me that more damage is done, by
taking a intellectual approach and holding a strong idea of what we
should or should not do. It seems to me that the decision to eat meat
should be taken in the moment rather than adopting an idea about it.
I am very grateful to the learned members of this list, however it seems
to me, that we are have lengthy debates about principal and rules.

It seems that "experience" is transitory so can not bring one back to
the Self.
Again, I am a new member and not quite sure if lengthy debate is the
standard practice on the list?
It seems that we run the danger of intellectualizing Advaita.

Keith Aitken

bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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