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--- Anand Natarajan <anandn at MYWORLDMAIL.COM> wrote:
> I saw all these mails coming on Kaulachara, vamachara and I thought we should'nt be
> discussing these things in the first place.
> There are 3 types of tendencies in the mind, the animal , the human and the divine. To
> my knowledge, the tantra philosophy  caters to all three types of people.
> Sri Ramakrishna practised all types of Tantra. However  in none of his teachings does
> He recomend people to practise them in this age.
> The basic suitability for advaita is this , "Do you feel you are the spirit and not the
> body ?". If so you  are fit for being an advaitin.
> If you dont feel you are the spirit , then  practise dwaita  and you will slowly reach
> advaita  but  dont go below the level of a human being.

Where did you get these ideas? That if one doesn't feel that he is not the spirit, he
should practice dvaita so that he can "slowly" reach advaita ? dvaita philosophy says
that jIvas, jada (insentinet matter) and Ishwara (Lord Vishnu) are eternally different
from each other and that jIvas and jada are eternally dependent on Ishwara and there is
taratamya (heirarchy) among jivas who are infinite in number. Advaita says that there is
only one entity- Brahman and that this world of matter and multiple jIvas is mithya.

FYI, Dvaita doesn't lead to advaita and a dvaitin doesn't mean one who identifies himself
with the body. It is not my intention to advertise the dvaita site here but you may want
to visit to get a *correct* understanding of dvaita philosophy or
tattvavada as propounded by Sri Madhwacharya.


> Anand

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