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Mon Dec 6 14:50:15 CST 1999

I think there is difference between vAmAchara and kaulAchara. One
classification divides shakteya systems as dakShinA and vAmachara.
Where dakShina is vedic. The other classification is samaya and kaula.
Samaya is vedic and kaula is not (but not anti). Former is antaryaga
and latter is bahiryaga.

I would like to know  whether

dakShina = samaya
vAma = kaula

holds good.

I know very little in this matter. Hope some one will clarify.

Besides this, I have read kAnchi periyava talking in praise of shrI
bhAskararAya (BR) and calls him an authority of mantra shAstra. Also in
the same talk periyava remarks about bhaskararAya's bhakti towards shrI
shankara. Whenever  the word AchArya occurs in BR's work, he uses that
term to mean only shrI shankara. To him (BR), shankara is the _only_


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bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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