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On Sat, 4 Dec 1999, Anand Natarajan wrote:

> In the work Upasesa Saram of Sri Ramana Maharashi, there are many verses indicative of what Chitta Shudhi is.
> For example :     "Manasam tu kim margane krithe
>                          Naiva Manasam Marga Arjavath"
> meaning      :    "What is the mind may you enquire
>                         There is no mind you will find."
> To me this is the whole meaning behind chitta shudhi. When the mind
> stuff is purified, the mind and the atman remain the same. There is no
> break up into forms any more.

How to reach that point is the question.  I find it interestig to note
that in that shloka it suggests that even if in the end the mind and its
concepts are not real it is through enquiry (an activity of the mind) that
one can realize this.

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bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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