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On Wed, 25 Aug 1999, Ashish Chandra wrote:

> Namaste All,
> I have read in one of David Frawley's books that Yajnavalkya vommitted the
> Yajurveda and it came out black in colour, a colour  resembling the Tittri
> (spelling???) bird, and hence was called the Taittiriya (not sure which book
> of the Vedas). Since it was black, it was called Krishna Yajurveda.

Btw I would find better uses of my time than reading Frawley.  He is
associated more with the right-wing lunatic fringe than traditional
Hinduism.  But in this case he is mostly right.  This katha is told in the
Vshnupurana and possibly others too.  However the reason for calling them
white and black as I have heard is as Anand said.  In the Krshnayajurveda
the Samhita and Brahmana parts are mixed up.  In the Shuklayajurveda they
are seperate.

The bird tittri is called partridge in English I believe.

> Maharshi Krshna Dvaipayana = Bhagawan Veda Vyas = Badarayana ???

This is what we traditionally belive.  One person is the arranger of the
Vedas, the author of the Mahabharata and the Puranas and the author of the
Brahmasutras and the commentary on the Yogasutras.  Indologists dispute
some or other of this but their is no real way to tell.

> Why is Maharshi Krshna Dvaipayana also called Badarayana ?

Good question.  Because he sat under a Badri tree?

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