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Namaste All,

>According to our shastras, the Rshis saw all these different mantras.  At
>the dawn of the Kaliyuga when people started getting progressively
>stupider, Maharshi Krshna Dvaipayana gathered them altogether.  (For this
>reason he is better known as Veda Vyas--the arranger of the Vedas)  He
>taught the Rgveda, to Shaunaka, the Yajurveda to Vaishampayana, the
>Samaveda to Jaimini, and the Atharvaveda to Sumantu.  Their pupils are the
>founders of the shakhas.  Mostly the differences are very minor, a
>slightly different arrangement of the mantras or a different
>pronounciation etc.  The only really big difference is between the Shukla
>and Krshna Yajurveda.  The story is the famous Yagnavalkya was the student
>of Vaishampayana.  Once he had a big argument with his teacher and left
>vomitting up all he had learnt.  Then he did tapa and from Surya Bhagawan
>was given the Shuklayajurveda.

I have read in one of David Frawley's books that Yajnavalkya vommitted the
Yajurveda and it came out black in colour, a colour  resembling the Tittri
(spelling???) bird, and hence was called the Taittiriya (not sure which book
of the Vedas). Since it was black, it was called Krishna Yajurveda.

Can someone please post the incident between Vaishampayan and Yajnavalkya.

Maharshi Krshna Dvaipayana = Bhagawan Veda Vyas = Badarayana ???

Why is Maharshi Krshna Dvaipayana also called Badarayana ?


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