Note on Vedic shAkhAs

Ashish Chandra ramkisno at HOTMAIL.COM
Mon Aug 23 11:28:48 CDT 1999

Thanks a lot.

>  It is best to put it this way. There is only one way to chant a mantra
>  according to one shAkha! So if you chant a mantra in a particular way,
>  you must be able to point out the shAkhA according to which you are
>  chanting it. You cannot chant it just any way you like. There may be
>  more than one way to chant a mantra, but that can only happen if the
>  occurs in more than one shAkhA! A mantra which is unique to a shAkhA
>  (does not occur in any other shAkhA) must be chanted in exactly one way.
>  Anand

Is it correct that the Purushah Sukta occurs in more than one Veda ? If that
is so, then is there a specific way in which it is to be recited, and if so,
do all the Shakhas recite it the same way.


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