Differences between Vedantic schools

Shrisha Rao shrao at NYX.NET
Sun Aug 22 14:39:06 CDT 1999

Jaldhar Vyas wrote:

> stage.  Advaitins are Ekadandins and give up the shikha, yagnopavit etc.
> to signify that karma is incompatible with jnana.  Shrisha, please
> explain: As the Dvaitins are also ekadandins, do they follow this and if
> not, why not?

I'm not sure I follow the question, but yes, sannyAsI-s in the Maadhva
tradition also do not wear the yaj~nopavIta, perform sandhyA, etc.,
but the significance in that case is obviously not stated to be the
incompatibility of karma and j~nAna, but merely that the duties of
those in the final Ashrama are different from those of the first three.


Shrisha Rao

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