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Well, my full name is Rutger Kortenhorst. I'm a
practical philosophy student from the School of
Philosophy and Economic Science in Dublin, which
uses Advaita Vedanta Philosophy as its basis. I've
been following courses there for the last 20
years. Very satisfying! There is a Day School
connected to this school, where I am fully
involved as a teacher as well as organiser. I love
my job. On Wednesday mornings during term time a
small group comes together to study the Gita with
Shankara's commentary. On Thursday mornings we
have been studying with an even smaller group the
Bhrihadaranyaka Upanishad and we have read and
discussed the Isha, the Kena and the Taittiriya
Upanishad. We always use Shankara's commentary. I
find the effect of reading this most uplifting.
Today we were cleaning the school building while
remembering the Unchanging. Wonderful. I study and
teach Sanskrit to the G.C.S.E. but would need more
time to be proficient. I love studying Panini's
Grammar. End October I may have to give a talk on
"The Four Ages". It will be a comparative study to
show how the Chinese, Hesiod, Plato, the Bible
(and especially of course) the Veda give more or
less information, but covering the same ground. We
are so brainwashed with modern evolution theories,
which are in conflict with the scriptures, that I
expect a bit of a reaction from the audience. You
guys may point me in the right direction to get my
facts together from the Vedanta. Any clues?

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