viShNu sahasranAma 1-11 to 1-13

Savithri Devaraj sdevaraj at EXPLORER.CSC.COM
Fri Aug 20 03:06:52 CDT 1999

11. yataH sarvANi bhUtAni bhavantyAdiyugAgame |
     yasmiMshcha pralayaM yAnti punareva yugaxaye ||

He is the One from whom all beings come into existence at the beginning
of a cycle of time, and He is also the One into whom they all dissolve
at the end of the cycle.

12. tasya loka-pradhAnasya jagannAthasya bhUpate |
     viShNor-nAma-sahasraM me shruNu pApa-bhayApaham.h ||

Hear from me the hymn that is constituted of a 'thousand names' of that
viShNu who is the master of the universe, who is the subject of
discourse of all scriptures, and who is the eraser of all sins and the
fear of samsAra.

13. yAni nAmAni gauNAni vikhyAtAni mahatmanaH |
     R^iShibhiH paragItAni tAni vaxAmi bhUtaye ||

I am giving for the benefit of all, those names of His which are
far-famed, which are indicative of His attributes, and which find a
place in the exalted hymns of the R^iShis.


>From Translation and commentary of Sri SankarAcArya. Translated by
Swami Tapasyananda.

This concludes the "Introductory Verses" chapter of  the sahasranAma in
the book i have.


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