Differences between Vedantic schools

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On Wed, 18 Aug 1999, Venkataraman wrote:

> Thank you, Sir, for the prompt response.
> What I am looking for is the following:
>  Before evaluating the three schools, can we first list out their
> basic differences ,  in regard to terms like Brahman, Jiiva, Maya,
> Ishvara, Vishnu, Creator, Moksha, Absolute Truth, etc and the
> inter-relationships between these.

Ok here goes.  (corrections gratefully accepted.)


Brahman = the ultimate reality
Maya = false knowledge
Ishwar = Brahman superimposed by  maya
Jiva = Brahman superimposed by maya
World = maya
Moksha = When the jiva realizes its non-difference with Brahman


Brahman = Ishwar = Vishnu Bhagawan = ultimate reality
Maya = False knowledge
Jiva = Real but dependent on Bhagawan. Prior to release superimposed by Maya
World = Real but dependent on Bhagawan
Moksha = When the Jiva transcends maya (it retains its individuality.)


Brahman = Ishwar = Vishnu Bhagawan = ultimate reality
Maya = ignorance in the plain sense of the word with no transcendental
Jiva = real but dependant on Bhagawan
World = real but dependant on Bhagawan
Moksha = When the jiva dwells with Bhagawan in Vaikuntha.

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