New member Introduction: Sri Arvindh Murugan

Vaidya Sundaram Vaidya_Sundaram at I2.COM
Wed Aug 11 12:55:24 CDT 1999

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Here's a brief introduction on why I would like to listen to this list.

After many years of existence in blissful ignorance, I am starting to
see the few intelligent people striving to understand who they are
through atma-vichara. Subsequent discussions revealed that this
efficient method was sporadically found in the very basis of our
civilization - the vedas. Further persistence paid dividends when I
observed how atma-vichara could reduce my own conceit as I slowly but
painfully begin to realize the difference between the real and unreal.

I am told that this list discusses many more important facets. I would
like to listen to the discussions on this list and try to understand
the very basis of my life.

I would gladly propose my point of view when I feel a necessity to
speak what little I know about.

Thank you all for the opportunity.


Doing easily what others find  difficult is talent,
  doing what is impossible is genius.
                                       - Arvindh Murugan

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