Selections from the advaita-siddhi - 1 (correction)

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>  from vishveshvara sarasvatI. Apart from the advaita-siddhi which is
>  MadhusUdana's "crest-jewel", he is said to have written numerous
>  other works, including a lucid commentary on the gItA called
>  gUDhArtha-dIpikA, and a work called "advaita-ratna-laxana", a refutation
>  of the work "bheda-ratna" by the logician shankara mishra.

 The name "advaita-ratna-laxana" is incorrect. The correct name
 is "advaita-ratna-raxaNa", protection of the gem called advaita.

 Shankara Mishra, author of "bheda-ratna" is an interesting man.
 He first wrote a commentary on the shrIharshha's khaNDana-khaNDakhAdya
 called "shAnkarI." Later, he wrote the "bheda-ratna" criticizing
 the khaNDana-khaNDakhAdya. He belonged to the Logic school of MithilA
 founded by Gangesha. But soon the center of navya-nyAya shifted to
 navadvIpa in Bengal, with the emergence of  such geniuses as RaghunAtha
 ShiromaNi, MathurAnAtha, JagadIsha, and GadAdhara.


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