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> Another reference would be the work of maNDana mishra, the
> brahmasiddhi. There he asks the question what is illusory,
> or oneness? As per maNDana and sha.nkara the buddhists deny both.

I should have said _some_ schools of Buddhism deny both. Some actually
affirm the difference between different objects. But Nagarjuna
obviously denies difference.

> advaitins deny *only* difference as an illusion, but not the unity
> the self.

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Ravi <miinalochanii at YAHOO.COM> wrote:

> Besides this coming back to your point on panchAyatana pUja, in
> Nadu, since most people worship Lord shaNmukha with deep love, some
> tamil smArta-s include vEl (shakti Ayudham of Lord skanda) along
> shiva, viShNu, ambaaL, ganesha and Aditya. There is talk on this
> subject in the book Dharma which is a translation of talks of kAnchi
> periyava.

All the books (published by Tamil Nadu folks) I have seen on the
pa.ncAyatana pUja invoke not just shiva during the AvAhanam, but
somAskandaparameshvara (the Supreme Lord with umA and skanda). So
shhaNmukha is generally worshiped by Tamil Nadu folks in the
pa.ncAyatana pUjA anyway, but I guess some people also include the
vEl. That's quite interesting, I have not come across this practice


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