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On Fri, 6 Aug 1999, Anand V. Hudli wrote:

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> >Here's another one.  In Swami Sanatanadeva Udasins' (The Udasin sampradaya
> >mixes Advaita Vedanta with elements of Sikhism) introduction to the
> >Gudarthadipika of Swami Madhusudan Saraswati on the Gita, he says that
> >after the publication of the Advaitasiddhi, Vyas Tirth sought to refute it
> >and he became a student of the great Madhusudana.  After a while he had
> >learned enough of Advaita to be able to write his rejoinder, Nyayamrt.
> >Madhusudan congratulated him on his effort and Vyas Tirth is said to have
> >replied that it was only through his teachers grace he was able to write
> >the work.
> >
>  This story if it occurs as described above is provably inaccurate.
>  First, VyAsatIrtha did not study under MadhusUdana for the simple
>  reason that MadhusUdana refutes nyAyAmR^ita the work of VyAsatIrtha
>  in the advaitasiddhi! Unless MadhusUdana had a divine vision of what
>  VyAsatIrtha would be writing in his nyAyAmR^ita, this would be
>  impossible. And vyAsatIrtha would have had to study what he himself
>  was supposed to write in the nyAyAmR^ita and then proceed to write
>  the same!!
>  The other story I have heard which is more credible, if you may,
>  is that vyAsatIrtha's student rAmAchArya studied under MadhusUdana
>  and wrote the nyAyAmR^ita-taraN^giNi. MadhusUdana having examined
>  it said that he would not like to write a refutation of his own
>  student's work. So he asked his student's student, brahmAnanda, a
>  much younger man, to refute rAmAchArya.

Silly me I have garbled two different stories.  Yes it is Ramacharya the
author of tarangini who was the student not Vyastirth.  That would have
been impossible for the reason you mentioned.

I'll check what Swami Sanatanadeva wrote when I get home.

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