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On Wed, 4 Aug 1999, Shrisha Rao wrote:

> Vidyasankar wrote:
> > Check the mokshadharma section. There is a verse that talks of veda,
> > sAMkhya, yoga, pAncarAtra and pASupata as five schools of anvIkshaNa.
> Will do, although it would help if there was a more precise reference.

A while back Anand posted a link to the BORI edition of the mahabharata.
I have it copied onto my hard drive and I thought it might be an
interesting exercize to grep through it for the words pancharatra and
pashupata.  Unfortunately it is in the ISCII (or icky :-) format so I'll
have to convert it to ITRANS or something first.

Also it just occured to me that you might get some false hits because the
Mahabharata mentions a pashupata astra which has nothing to do with what
we are discussing.

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