Ravi miinalochanii at YAHOO.COM
Wed Aug 4 18:49:05 CDT 1999

In the shrImukham to the commentary on shrI nilakanTha dIkshita's
AnandasAgarastavaH which emphasizes on sharaNagati to ambaL and arguing
on the difficulty of other methods, kAnchi periyava says that this
argumentation style falls under ths type
"apashavo vaa anye go ashvebhyaH"

Can this be stated in English precisely as "Looking at things in black
and white".

After thinking about it for a while I understood that this way. I may
be completely wrong. The skt sentence means "Either it is a non-animal
or if it is an animal it is a cow or horse", again here also I may be

Acharya does not translate this or explain it in any detail.



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