Vedic Religion

Shrisha Rao shrao at NYX.NET
Wed Aug 4 10:52:40 CDT 1999

Vidyasankar wrote:

> Check the mokshadharma section. There is a verse that talks of veda,
> sAMkhya, yoga, pAncarAtra and pASupata as five schools of anvIkshaNa.

Will do, although it would help if there was a more precise reference.

> As for why Sankara and vAcaspati disagree with a pAncarAtra doctrine that
> denies difference in the state of release, the reasons are the same as why
> ASmarathya and auDulomi are rejected elsewhere. Briefly, the reason is that

Would appreciate a reference for this too.


Shrisha Rao

> Vidyasankar

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