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My dear Namesake,

Namassabhaabhyassabhaapatibhayasca vo namaH.

The earth has gone round the Sun seventy times since I was born.
Forty of these years were spent earning my bread as a technocrat in
the Telecommunications department of the Govt, of India.
 Samskritam and Vedaanta have been my hobbies for well nigh half a
century.  Yet my knowledge of these two is only sketchy and
peripheral, though non-zero.

I am now visiting with my 35-year old son Venkataraman who works for
Motorola in Singapore
That accounts for the "sg" in my email address.

I hope to take a lot from this group though
I may not be able to give anything to it.

"naanyat kincana vidyate vimRSataaM yasmaat parasmaat vibhoH "  tasmai
-- namaH

--- V M Sundaram

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> 1) Advaita-L is a open, unmoderated list to discuss advaita-vedanta as
> taught by shrI shankara. By advaita-vedanta, the tradition established
> by shrI shankara and the maThas created to is referred.
> 2) Even though the major emphasis is on advaita-vedanta taught by shrI
> shankara, topics related advaita-vedanta are welcome. Purpose of other
> related articles should be to aid the understanding of advaita-vedanta.
> 3) Articles promoting bhakti within the framework of vedAnta are most
> welcome.  The articles should be acceptable to the framework of
> advaita-vedanta.  Even though advaita-vedanta holds that liberation
> is through AtmajnAnam, bhakti is always emphasized.
> 4) Items 2 and 3 are vague, as the maintainer of the List, We reserve
> the right on acceptability of articles. In the case the articles are
> unacceptable, it will be informed in private and resolved in private.
> 5) Discussion of nAstika traditions and their philosophies are not
> allowed. By nAstika traditions,  traditions like buddhism and
> jainism are meant . But scholarly articles comparing these traditions with
> advaita-vedanta will be accepted. These articles should be sent to
> the list administrators and not to the list.
> 6) Posters should not be disrespectful to towards saints and sages of
> other traditions, and should show respect towards each other as well.
> 7) Administrators of the list reserve the final word on issues like
> acceptability of posts. These decisions will be based on the list
> scope. In case of doubt, knowledgeable members of the list will be
> consulted.
> List Administrators.
> bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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