Dr. S.R.Marur smarur at EASI.SOFT.NET
Tue Aug 3 04:30:34 CDT 1999

Agama texts deal with the various aspects of
construction, worship and maintenance of temples.
The temple priests in south (known as sivAchAryAs
or commonly kurukkal) apart from sthapathIs
take to full-time study of AgamAs.

There are now two institutes in Tamil Nadu which
attract students in sizeable numbers: one at
pillayAr patti (near Karaikudi) and another at Kanchi
affliated to CSS Vishwa mahA vidyAlayA.

Almost all in all saiva/ambAl temples in the south,
only kurukkals do the pUja execpt at two places:
The first one is the famous Chidhambaram, where
dhIkshidhArs do 'vaidhiga pUja' in the temple and the
second one is the kAmAkshi temple at kAnchi, where
vaidhikAs initiated into dEvI worship do the pUjA.

Generally, smArthAs do not get into any matrimonial
alliances with kurukkal sect, though the latter do
vEdha adhyayanam also.



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