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Dear Friends,

The notion of duality is bound up in the false idea of time.  In reality,
everything in the past since "time without beginning," and everything in
the future until "time without end" is bound up and contained in the
Eternal Now Moment.  All of "time" is this non-moving moment.

The Eternal Now Moment is not a moving point on a "timeline."  It is
timelessness; "time" condensed to an infinitely tiny point.  All energy,
and matter (which is energy) is contained in this Eternal Now Moment.  The
notion of time is false; Reality is at an absolute standstill.

"Brahman" both exists and does not exist.  It does not exist because it is
formless, spaceless and timeless, all of which are necessary for a
definition of "existence."  It exists because all things are Brahman.  In
Brahman, all paradoxes are resolved to complete satisfaction, because there
are no paradoxes.  Paradoxes are apparent contradictions caused by false
notions of the existence of time and space (maya).

Brahman is infinitely tiny, an infinitely small point on a "timeline" that
exists only as illusion.  It is often described as vast, because the
quality  of infinity is vast, and because it has no qualities at all, so a
quality must be attached to it by the human mind.  The Eternal Now Moment
*IS* Brahman, and vice-versa.  All things are Brahman because all things
are formless, timeless, and void of qualities.  In Brahman, this false idea
of duality is resolved to complete satisfaction.

Please note that the false duality of time is the prime duality.
Supposedly, one cannot travel faster than the speed of light, because time
would slow to a stop.  In Truth, time is already at a stop.  Light does not
travel at any speed at all, because the notions of both travel and speed is
illusory, as they are bound up in time.  Light, energy and matter do not
move.  Nothing is happening.

We see numbers clicking on a clock and assume time is passing.  How these
moving numbers indicates that time is passing escapes me entirely.  The
false notion of time is entirely psychological and illusory.  All things
are at an utter standstill, there is no movement in time, space, energy or
matter anywhere in this universe or any universe.  In the Eternal Now
Moment, which is truly eternal, there is no time.  With no time, there is
no energy, no matter, no space.  This no-time-energy-matter-space-quality
is what is often referred to as "Brahman."

I have tried to express the inexpressible very poorly here.  I cannot
apologize for the limitations of human language (also a part of maya).



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