Philosopical views and certain knowledge

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I think I am beginning to understand a little about your doubts. In
fact, I think the doubts almost match the ones that Arjuna has asked
Krishna in the Bhagavadgita.
Anyone can say subjectively about being one with infinite bliss. but how
does the person speak, walk, behave, etc. etc.

The Gita gives several verses describing such a person, in various parts
of the text.
This would make for a nice article : sthitapraGYa, guNatiita,
brahmabhuutaH, etc. Those who have had the good fortune to meet such a
sage (man or woman) have described their impact on them:

1.    In their presence a sense of utter peace and joy envelopes you,
however hard you may fight it.

2.    If you are the intellectual type, you feel humble; if you are the
sentimental type, you shed tears;
            if you are the active type, you feel inspired.

3.    Their actions, speech, are spontaneous, unaffected, graceful
beyond imagination.

4.    True compassion seems to flow from them making you feel
undeserving of it.

5.    Anger, lust, and greed appear to have abandoned them.

6.     If you ever had doubts about Divinity (in the sense of the
highest ideal person you can conceive of), they seem to evaporate (at
least in their presence).

7.    Their silence 'conveys' more to you than their speech.

        If you do not see at least these signs in a person, know for
sure that the person  is still marching and not reached and staying at
the destination ('liberation') yet.

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