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Dear List,

I would like to introduce myself.  I will keep this brief, as there will be
plenty of words forthcoming.  Introductions serve only as a "first
impression," which to me has little meaning.  One cannot know the nature of
a person through a single post to a mailing list.  The idea is ludicrous.

I follow no particular path, but forge my own.  However, Advaita Vedanta
holds particular interest to me, it being the only path that accepts all
other paths as absolutely equal to it.

To me, Adi Shankaracharya is an Avatar, an incarnation of Shiva.  Adi
Ramakrishna is also an Avatar.  Notice I use the word "is" in both cases
rather than "was."  This has significance.  I'll leave it up to the reader
to consider that significance.

Of all the paths I have investigated, Advaita Vedanta holds the most Truth
for me.  Buddhism is probably second... it is practical, down-to-earth and
powerful.  But it ignores Brahman, which cannot be entirely overlooked.

I invite anyone on the list to take a look at the Advaita-related website I
have created, and to enjoy the resources presented there.  A web browser
that supports frames is necessary for the "full effect."

OM Shanti,


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nanda chandran wrote:
> What's it you expect to be revealed? Is it that you want suddenly wake
> up as Krishna ParamAtma in his vishvarUpam in the MahAbhAratham?
> Let me ask you a question : Why can't you be the absolute as you are
> now? What makes you think you're not so? If you think, you're
> imperfect, then why is it that you think so? And why is it that you
> think at all?

I could decide now as an act of will not to identify myself with my body
or mind, and in time I might fully convince myself. But what would that
change? I would still have the sense of touch and experience pain
through 'my' body alone, see only in the direction that 'my' eyes are
directed, and so on. Surely there must be more to realization than this?
It appears to be merely a shift of perspective that makes no detectable
difference of any kind.

> See if you can sit in one place without doing anything - without
> thinking anything - just being yourself - for five minutes. No, your
> mind will churn, you'll become restless, you would want to do
> something. Why is this so?

In fact I do this during meditation everyday, in the sense that I'm not
doing anything except passively observing the churning of my mind and
physical sensations. At present I think the most I can attain is to
observe 'the problem' (if it is a problem) without being totally sucked
into it.


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