Philosophical Views and Certain Knowledge

Sunder Hattangadi gourish at INTERNET1.NET
Thu Apr 22 15:25:53 CDT 1999


In the Oct/Nov 1997 issue of Tattvaloka ( a publication of Sringeri Mutt ),
is printed a conversation between His Holiness Sri Chandrasekhara Bharati
Mahaswami and an agnostic youth, under the title " The Utility of God".
This is from the book "Dialogues with the Guru", recorded by Sri R.
Krishnaswamy Aiyar( publ. Shankara Vidya Kendra, New Delhi).

It is a masterpiece I would like to post but is about 4 pages long. If the
members/moderators would allow it, I shall be happy to do it.

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