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Some more insights from Giri on Verse 61:

---FWD MESSAGE from Giridhar Madras-----

Please post as appropriate. In fact, the explanation of that verse
alone can run to several pages. There are several meanings and
subtle concepts in the verse. I can not do justice in explaining
but here is one meanings..

For example, the verse 61 shows the various stages of bhakti

1. seeds of the ankola tree..

Moves in darkness. Only in Trouble we think of God. Till then,
we are happy with the sense pleasure. Consuming the poison
of sense pleasure, we think we are taking amrit...and when
the pleasure turns into pain, we think of God. This is the first
stage of bhakti.

2. Like the iron filings clinging to a magnet

Even the remembarance of God in the first stage, followed by
the convinction that there is a Higher power which is responsible
for the fruits of the actions, leads to God's grace. Thus, like
iron filings, the magnet (God) attracts the devotee and showers
His grace.

3. like the thoughts of a chaste woman

The thoughts of the chaste woman is always towards to her husband.
Similarly, whenever the devotee has free time or has some time off work,
he thinks of God. His thoughts on God are not continuous, but he does
his duty with desirelessness and thinks of God the rest of the time.
Also, there are thoughts of separation, just like the woman may miss
the presence of her husband. This is the third stage of bhakti

4. like a creeper entwining the tree

In the fourth stage, the thoughts are completely centered on God,
like a creeper and tree. Without the tree, the creeper can not survive.
There is no separation or thoughts of separation since there is
complete entwining. However, there is still the duality that God is
the tree, I am the creeper ..

5. River flowing into the ocean

In the final stage, even this duality disappears as one understands
that Ishvara and the individual differ on empirical existence but
not the underlying essence, Atman. And it becomes like the
river that have mixed with the ocean. There is only ocean now,
the river water can not be separated out. This the final stage
of bhakti wherein one realizes the non-duality that is true always.

AUM shaantiH

"bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam"
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