Who should get the credit?

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O Divine Mother!, The fame and credit for burning manmatha
goes to Lord shiva. But one half of the eye (on the
forehead) belongs to you as well. You should get half the
credit. But let us even forget this. The Lord completely
steals away the fame for saving mArkaNDeya. That is unfair,
the leg that kicked yama was the left one and it entirely
belongs to you.

sAdhArane smarajaye niTilAkSha sAdhye
bhAgi shivo bhajatu nama yashaH samagram.h |
vAmA.nghri matra kalite jananI tvadIye
ka vA prasaktirapi kAlajaye purAreH || 56 ||

The poet creating this kalaham between ambaaL and Ishwara is
shrI nIlakaNtha dIkshitA. He lived in 17th century and is a
grandson of brother of shrI appayya dIkshita. shrI
nIlakaNTha dIkshita is a great bhaktha, poet and an
adminstrator. He is well known for his sense of humor as

I learnt about this verse from a talk of shrI shrI
chandrasekharendra sarasvatI. He did not quote the original
verse. Yesterday was one of the finest days in my life as I
happened to get the word-word translation of this work
(sanskrit-tamil(grantha script)-english) after a long
search.  AnandasagarastvaH consists of 108 verses and it is
comparable in the exposition of bhakti to shivAnandalaharI.
shrI dIkshita composed this stavam on shrI mInAkShI devI
when his eyes blinded with camphor was giving him
excruciating pain (which was an unjust punishment which the
king wanted to give him, but before the arrival the king,
dIkshita learnt it by his jnAna dR^iShTi and blinded
himself. Later the king repented and to give peace to the
king dIkshita composed this song) and ambaaL restored his

I book I have was published by kAnchi maTha in 1944 and the
shrImukham of shrI chandrasekharendra sarasvatI is a must


"bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam"
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