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Recently, it was pointed by shrI Chelluri Nageswara Rao_ji
that praying to God is the easiest way to attain mind

To be honest, I am far from the state of having inner
purity, titiksha, nitya-anitya vastu vivekam, etc. But I
believe that God's grace is the only help to attain these.

There is work called mUkapanchashatI which has 500 verses on
ambaaL and it celebrates her in the form of kAmAkShI. kAnchI
maTha has published a Tamil translation of the work long
back (fortunately I have a copy of this). In this work, in
AryA shatakaM, the poet says

shiva shiva pashyantI samam kAmAkShI kaTakShitAH puruShaH |
vipinam bhavanam amitram mitram loShTam cha yuvatI bimboShTam || 48 ||

Here the poet wonders at the great ones who had the grace of
shrI kAmAkShI. Their samattva bhAvam amazes him. They do not
see a distinction (or remain unaffected) between forest and
a palace, friend and enemy, and between a clay shell and
beautiful red lips of young women.

In this verse, the poet used the word shiva to express his
wonder.  He uses shiva shiva like enna Achcharyam , enna
Acharyam. (what a wonder, what a wonder).

Essentially this attitude of samattva bhAva is what we are
all trying to achieve. It can result from the nitya-anitya
vastu vivekam and the understanding of the fact God pervades
everything (IshAvAsyamidam sarvam, vAsudeva sarvamidi).

Worshipping God is the easiest way to attain this, as God
can bestow quite easily the prerequisites for mokSha in no
time. Another thing in bhakti is fruit is right there at the
same instant. The act of worshipping itself gives a joy. One
need not wait for it for many years or births. This the
nArada bhakti sUtra says "phala svaruptvAt"


"bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam"
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