ADVAITA-L Digest - 28 Sep 1998 to 29 Sep 1998 (#1998-5)

Giridhar giridhar at CHEMENG.IISC.ERNET.IN
Tue Sep 29 22:02:56 CDT 1998

>among scholars of the French Institute for Indian Civilization, a
>special mention should be made of Lilian Silburn, whose French
>translations of the paramArthasAra and vij├▒Ana bhairava are quite
>exceptional. To this there are two reasons, I believe : a) she was
>personally engaged in a spiritual quest and b) she had a kashmiri Guru
>who helped her with the intricacies of the texts. She was conducting now
>and then meditation sessions at her home, and I had the privilege of
>being invited on some occasions.

Dear Guy:

                I have read some of Lilian's translations also. She did have the famous
Lakshmanjoo who was considered an expert in Kashmir Shaivism as her
teacher. I just wanted to mention to you that he had forbidden her to
translate some works, especially found in her book on Kundalini. But she
felt otherwise. For a more detailed viewpoint of this, look at the books
written by the father of lakshmanjoo's successor  (john hughes, I think).
The reason I wanted to mention this is not to degrade Lilian in any way,
but to point out that all her translations did not have the approval of her


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