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I was going over the book Sarvagita sara by Sri Swami Sivananda where he
presents abridged version of many gita-s.  In the list are two Rama-gita, I
am familier with the one, which is from Adyaatma Ramayana, where Sri Rama
teaches Lakshmana; and Swami Chimnayanandaji has written commentary on
that.  The second one - Swami Sivanandaji says in his introduction that it
is from the famous book - Tatva-Sarayana - is supposed to be text for
Anubhavadvaitins. In this Rama teaches Hanuman. I found the slokas are very
simple, yet very profound. Seems to have been written after Shankara.
Since Swami Sivanandaji provides only an abridged text, I am trying to find
the full text.  I am not familier with Tatva-Sarayana book nor
Anubavadviatins.  I appreciate receiving any information on the book - the
author, any commentaries, availability etc.

Hari Om!

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