140. sarvAbhUShaNabhUShitA

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140. sarvAbhUShaNabhUShitA

SHE who is adorned by all the ornaments.

Whatever objects that are secured by all the living beings for
their enjoyments, like food, ornaments, etc., it is SHE who is
adorned with all those for HER pleasure.

SHE is the Self of all deities worshipped by bhakta-s. Whatever
ornaments and other services offered to these respective deities,
they all really adorn HER. All devotees, attributes HER presence
in the image by adorning its limbs. SHE is like an empress who
has everything and SHE is uninvolved and passive in this process.

Or many different ornaments are worn by HER upAdhis, such as
elephants, horses, etc. In every place, at all times and in all
worlds, SHE alone is the basis of all these upAdhi-s. And in
different forms, SHE wears them all in unconcerned manner.

This name can be interpreted in another way as well. bhUShaNa
means praise of HER excellence. And sarva bhUShaNa means
superlative praise of HER grandeur, that is, the mahAvAkya-s of
vedAnta. By implication, SHE is said to be adorned  with them as
their only meaning. It means, SHE is the conclusion  expressed by
all of them as their goal.

AUM sarvabhUShaNabhUShitAyai namaH

>From  a translation of
shrI shankara bhAshyam of shrI lalita trishatI

Note: Some trishati texts indicate this name as sarvAbharaNa

bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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