Article: A vedanta toolkit part 2

Vidyasankar Sundaresan vidya at CCO.CALTECH.EDU
Tue Sep 15 02:22:24 CDT 1998

> gauDapAda.  From what we know, it seems clear that this was an ancient
> verse that was more widely known. For example, MaNdana Mishra says in
> his writings "tathA aparaihi 'adhyAropApavAdAbhyAm nishprapancham
> prapanchyate' ", meaning "and so say others 'that which etc etc".

Thanks a million, I'm learning a lot of highly useful, textual material
from these posts. Could you give the exact reference in Mandana Misra's
work? I presume it is from the brahmasiddhi, or from the vibhrama viveka.
It seems to indicate that the quote about adhyAropa and apavAda was not
from the tradition which Mandana himself came from. This throws an
interesting perspective on the legendary account of the debate between
Sankara and Mandana.


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