Article: A Vedanta Toolkit Part 1

Guy Werlings guy.werlings at WANADOO.FR
Sun Sep 13 08:40:35 CDT 1998

Subhanu Saxena wrote:
> At long last, things have quietened down in Russia for me to post the
> first of 3 articles I had discussed in my new member introduction,
> namely "A Vedanta Toolkit".  The subsequent articles "Shankara's AdhyAsa
> bhAshyam-a guided tour" and "A Shankara reader-key passages from
> Shankara's bhAshya's that encapsulate his teaching" will follow over the
> next few months.

Thank you very much for this highly interesting and quite useful
contribution. Looking forward with highest interest for the future

namaste !
Guy Werlings

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