137. sarvAvaguNavarjitA

Ravisankar S. Mayavaram msr at ISC.TAMU.EDU
Fri Sep 11 09:53:32 CDT 1998

137. sarvAvaguNavarjitA

SHE who is devoid of all bad qualities. They are only attributed
to HER. SHE as Atman is untouched by these qualities. These
qualities are sattva, etc. in HER integral form and desires, etc.
in HER indvidual form. Although SHE is in every living thing
(with a upAdhi) as a inner ruler. SHE is not bound by  any of
their good and bad attributes of their upAdhi-s. Like the space
in a vessel, sword in a sheath, SHE is univolved.

sUryo yadhA sarvalokasya chakShuH na lipyate chAkShuShaiH bAhya
doShaiH ekastathA sarva bhUtAMtarAtmA na lipyate loka duHkena
bAhyaH [kaThopaniShad 2.5.11]

Just as the all seeing Sun (who is the eye of the world) is
untouched (and unaffected) by the visual defects seen outside,
similarly, the indwelling Self in all creatures is untouched by
grief of the world outside.

AUM sarvAvaguNavarjitAyai namaH

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