Theory of Knowledge

Raju100 at AOL.COM Raju100 at AOL.COM
Thu Sep 10 01:01:55 CDT 1998

vpcnk wrote:
>Infact, has any of you ever fainted? One moment you're awake and then
>the next there's absolutely no consciousness at all, till you regain
>consciousness. Ofcourse you remember the moment you lost consciousness
>but nothing between that and the moment of regaining consciousness. And
>definitely one can't equate the state of being faint with consciousness.
>So why can't this be the same as the state of deep sleep?

Raju writes;
I have fainted twice , in my early age of 20 & another time at  age 36, I
think. Both the time , when I went to the Bath room , I got fainted. What I
recall is a dreamlike state, but more like a void a big void with discomfort.
I think there is consciousness to experience of what is happening.
I just thought I should submit my experience, since you were asking have you
experience the state of being fainted ?
I hope it is not too inappropriate to mention my experience here. Pl. correct
me if I am wrong.

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