Pathway to non-duality

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On Mon, 7 Sep 1998, Guy Werlings wrote:


> Personally, I should tend to be rather cautious with the production of
> someone who pretends hinself to be an asparSin, but perhaps am I too
> narrow-minded. By the way should it no be asparSa yogin ? I had remained
> under the impression (perhaps false) that srI gauDapAdAcarya was
> promoting an asparSa yoga, not a vAda of that name. Worse than
> narrow-minded, I fear I am petty-minded.

Not at all.  Unfortunately these days Vedanta is being seized upon by many
people who have more enthusiasm than sense.  There isn't any asparshavada.
Asparshayoga is the term that Gaudapadacharya uses for sannyasa.

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