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On Fri, 4 Sep 1998 Chelluri at AOL.COM wrote:

>                                               Om
> Being a Master and propunder of Advaita why Adi Shankara composed several
> stuti's, stotras etc. to multitude of Gods and Godesses  advancing Dwaita
> view?
> I asked this question to my good friend sada who left this forum (I think
> 'cause of  ego) and I am not satisfied with his response.
> May be Jaldhar, Vaidya, Ravi, Saxena and others offer an explanation to
> my doubt.


I do not think it is a dvaita view. I take Shri Shankara's stotras on Gods
as showing that nothing happens in this illusory jagat without God's will.
The stotras on Gods and Godesses is to show the limitation of the human,
to cut down the aham and show that human cannot think that he/she is
responsible for doing things. That is not to say that Shri Shankara wrote
the stotras with that in mind. I take the stotras as the outcome of the
feeling in the heart which a human would feel when the ego has melted.
The difference between a human and God is we see the human while the
God is invisible. The human and the God are both in the same plane of
our understanding.

> For my friend Sada and others:
> I feel,   being knowledgeble is great  but unless one puts in practice  it is
> worth nothing.
>                                                           Nagy>

I cannot answer for others but for myself. Firstly, I do not grade myself
to be knowledgeable. The reason I have curtailed my posting is: I do not
know what response would be there for my posts. I find, while the List is
excellently run, there are too many personal attacks, which are

Gummuluru Murthy

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