Gregory Goode goode at DPW.COM
Wed Sep 2 11:41:32 CDT 1998

At 09:12 AM 9/2/98 PDT, nanda chandran wrote:
>Greg writes :
>>A body is material, physical; a mind is too at a subtle level.
>>Consciousness is not material.  It is that in which objects appear,
>>some of those objects are body/mind mechanisms.
>objects appear - OK, the object.
>appears to whom?
>can be explained only with a subject.

The subject isn't always a whom, it can be an impersonal what, since any
feature or quality that makes a "whom" out of something impersonal and
featureless is itself an object.

Agree that objects can only appear when there's a subject.  When thought
about, the subject gains the characteristics of an object, such as the very
very subtle object that in teaching is often called the "witness."  The
witness is that which "sees" objects.  But really there are no objects and
no subject, and no witness, but only Brahman in identical relation to
Itself, knowing Itself only as Brahman.


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