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Subject: Announcement about Advaitin List, its scope and subscription procedure

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Namaskar Advaita-L members:

I just want to inform you that the Advaitins who belong to Advaita-L
have formulated an additional discussion list to facilitate discussions
that go beyond the scope of Advaita L.  Relevant information are
enclosed below.  Please review the details and if you find it
interesting and useful, you can send me an E-mail and follow the
directions . On behalf of the current members of Advaitin Mailing List,
I want to extend my invitation to join.

List Name:              advaitin at
List Owner:             Ram Chandran <Chandran at>

Purpose:  Discussion of Sankara's Advaita Vedanta Philosophy with the
focus on the true meaning, profundity, richness and beauty of
non-duality between mind and matter.

Number of Current List Members: 20
Language:               English
Category:               People | Religion
Maturity Level:         For People Over 17
Moderated:              No
Restricted:             No
Archives:               Public (available at
Email Notification:     Yes
Reply to:                       List

Subscription Procedure:
Due to Internet regulations, unless you register,  subscribe and confirm
your subscription, you can't post and you will not receive Emails.  You
can complete the registration process at the Web site: Follow the instructions and if you need help,
send me an Email at chandran at

Available Subscription Options:
Set Single :     Each message that is mailed to the list is sent
Set Digest:      Messages are grouped as a Digest and sent
Set No Mail:    Ability to stop mails temporarily when the member is

Please note that the Archives of Advaitin are available at the web site:

Scope of Advaitin:
Advaitin is a philosophical discussion Forum to study the relationship
between the individual soul, Atman and the universal soul, Brahman with
the appearance of the World. The Forum will synthesize the   fundamental
ideas of Vedanta (philosophical thoughts) in the Upanishads. Members
will focus their viewpoints to recognize the true meaning, profundity,
richness and beauty of Sankara's non-dual  philosophy. According to
Sankara, the saint philosopher from India, God is infinitely higher and
is also infinitely nearer. He is nearer to us than our hands and feet.
He is the Soul of all souls. He is neither  the body, the senses, the
mind, the ego nor the intellect. He is "I," who is the witness to all
experiences. He is Atman and the Brahman and is the only Reality.
Sankara's Advaita Philosophy blends  Karma and Maya with a logical
exposition of the idea of non-dualism. The doctrine of Karma asserts the
influence of past to the present. The idea Maya represents the
illusionary power which falsifies the  appearance of the universe as the
Namarupa (various names and forms.) According to Sankara, Brahman, the
infinite consciousness, is the sole reality. Sankara establishes the
essential identity between Atman and Brahman. His Guru Gaudapada
unconsciously influenced Sankara with the tenets of Buddhist
philosophy.  However, Sankara's philosophical works show that he was
against the Buddhist thought. This Forum will discuss pre-Sankara,
post-Sankara and contemporary Advaita (Indian and non-Indian) that
envelopes a broader spectrum of philosophical systems of  non-duality.
Interpretations can potentially go beyond  Indian cultural and
philosophical spectrum and members can discuss and exchange personal
spiritual experiences.

Advaitin is truly dedicated to Sankara and Vedavyasa  and other sages
and saints of East and West who have contributed to non-dual
philosophy.  The primary purpose of  this list is to facilitate
meaningful discussions in a friendly and pleasant atmosphere.  This list
will restrict the discussions to non-dual philosophies that fall within
the framework of Sankara's Advaita Vedanta.   The members of this list
do recognize  that "self-realization" is a personal experience and
consequently personal spiritual experiences are more than welcome.  New
members will provide  information about their interest in non-dual
philosophy.  This is a spiritual forum and discussants should avoid
writing objectionable materials such as personal attacks, sexual Tantra
practices, etc.  Most of us do not tolerate abusive personal attacks by
any discussant and the list owner may forced to ask the offender with
repeated offences to leave the list.  We want the discussants to show
respect to saints and sages from all traditions. Majority of the members
of Advaitin List wants to keep this forum free from unnecessary
regulations and restrictions.

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