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> Another use I forgot to mention is that the Brahman is the Atharva
> Veda priest who officiates at Srauta rituals and Yagya's. Although not
> actually taking part in the perfomance of anyything, his job is the
> toughest, as he is there to ensure everybody else performs their role
> correctly. As such, the Brahman's were expected to know all the other
> Veda's as well as the Atharva Veda (hence the name Chaturvedi-he who
> has studied all 4 Vedas. Similarly Trivedi etc). So, a number of
> verses are addressed to the Brahman during a performance. For example:
> At the beginning (after lighting the fire):
> "BrahmAnam twAm aham vrne"-"I choose thee to be the Brahman"
> "Vrno'smi, karishyAmi" is the Brahman's response saying "I am chosen,
> I shall perform the task"
> On placing the sacred kindling sticks (idhma):
> Brahman, idhmam AdhAsyea "Oh Brahman, I place these sticks"
> "Om Adhatswa" is the Brahman's response "Om, place them"
> At the end, the YajamAna says:
> BrahmaNe varam dadAmi, brahmAnam yathA sthAnam udvAsayami
> I present a gift to the Brahman, and I request him to leave his seat.
> These verses are also used in the Grhya rituals where homa is
> required.
> Incidentally, for anyone who has not come across the math to calculate
> how many years of study is required for Veda, it was traditionally as
> follows:
> Study of the 6 VedAnga's:                     2yrs eachx6=    12yrs
> Each Veda (SamhitA, BrAhmana, Aranyaka, Upanishad):   12yrs
> Four Vedas                                    4x12    =       48yrs
> Total=VedAnga+4 Vedas=12+48years=60 years
> It was hard work to become a Chaturvedi in them days.......
> Regards
> Subhanu

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