AmnAya stotram.h 3,4

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saMpradAya tathAmnAyabhedaM cha brahmachAriNam.h |
evaM prakalpayamAsa lokopakaraNaya vai || 3 ||

shloka-s from now on will give the details specific to each of
the four Amnaya maTha-s. Details like where the mATha is
situated, what is the sampradAya, who is the deavta and shakti,
what is the tIrtham, what is vedA associated with the maTha, what
is the mahAvakyam, who was the first AchArya nominated by shrI
shankara, what are the dashanAmi orders associated with the maTha
and so on will be given. This was indicated in the first three
verses of the text. And maTha-s with such distict feautures was
created by shrI shankara for the benefit of the world.

digbhAge pashchime kShetraM dvArakA shAradA maThaH |
kITavALas saMpradayaH tIrthAshramapade ubhE || 4 ||

The maTha on the west side is in dvArakA and it is known as
shAradA maTha. The sampradAya associated with it is called
kITavALa. And the dashanAmi orders are tIrtha and Ashrama.

So the maTha-s at shR^i"ngeri and dvArakA are known by the same
name shAradA maTha?

I will be thankful if knowledgeable members can throw light on
details like "saMpradAya" and other features of each of these


"bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam"
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